Welcome to the Neighborhood Newsletter

The Neighborhood Newsletter provides a forum for neighborhood ideas, interests, and events, and stimulates interest and participation in neighborhood life. It promotes a sense of community among all those living in Arlington, MA.

Why is neighborhood life important? Because our neighborhood is our home. We have a stake in what goes on here. We share many of the same interests and values. If we can support and help and affirm one another, that can make a difference. In a small way, it can make life better for all of us.

The Newsletter’s origins date back to when the Parmenter School closed in the early 1980’s. As one might imagine, this closure was felt throughout the neighborhood; it left something of a community void. The Newsletter was started to help fill some of that void. It began publication in 1987, and lasted through 1989, when it went dormant for a few years. But after a neighborhood meeting in the park, it was reincarnated in 1992, first under the leadership of Nils Fonstad (whose family still lives on Brantwood Road), and since then of Mary Cummings of Jason Street.
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